Tags 4 Less Waterproof Backflow Preventer Inspection Record Tag (100/order)

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Tags 4 Less Waterproof Backflow Preventer Inspection Record Tag (100/order)

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QUANTITY: 100 per order of 1 

ITEM: Backflow tag

BRAND: Tags 4 Less

COLOR: Yellow

SIZE: 2 5/8" x 5 1/4" 

SHAPE: Tag, rectangle with top 2 corners at clipped cut at 45 degrees.

PLASTIC TAGS: Waterproof, Tear Proof, Oil Proof, and Weatherproof Vinyl Made, This Signifies That Your Tags Can Last Longer. This is Excellent for Marking All Kinds of Equipment, So You Can Now Design Classic Labeling.

MATERIAL THICKNESS: 15 mil / .015" / 15pt, Matte Vinyl Plastic. 1/2 the thickness of a credit card. Making this tag durable and made to last. 

HOLE: 1/4" punched hole inside diameter is ideal for all sizes of cable ties, loose or attached wires (attachments sold separately). 

CUSTOMIZABLE COLOR CODING PLASTIC TAG: For Easy Outdoor Marking of backflow preventors, inspection record, Control and apply preprint label or use a Fine Tip Sharpie for adding message . You Can Personally Set and Outline These Tags by Writing Your Preferred Information for Fast Equipment, purpose Identifying.

SPECS: You Can Purchase This USA Made Plastic Tags durable for outdoors.

GUARANTEED TAGS 4 LESS: If You're Looking for a Top Heavy-duty and Color-coded Blank Tag for Less That is Also Great for Labeling Anything, Grab Our Waterproof Plastic Tag in the Pack of 100, Perfect for Outdoor or Professional Use!

USES: backflow, pass fail, business name, serial number record, attached for record.

TRACK BACKFLOW INSPECTION RESULTS: The custom backflow tag is used to keep the record of all inspections performed on your backflow for this year. The tag helps you comply with regulations with its unique, specific design.

California Proposition 65 Warning: This Production Contains Chemicals Known To The State Of California To Cause Cancer And Birth Defect Or Other Reproductive Harm. Www.p65warning.ca.gov.