Rebuilt Production Cardboard Tags (100 tags per pack)

JO-E Rebuilt
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QUANTITY: 100 per order of 1 

BRAND: Tags 4 Less

COLOR: Yellow 

Type: Rebuilt

SIZE: 2 5/8" x 5 1/4"

SHAPE: Tag, rectangle with top 2 corners at clipped cut at 45 degrees.

BUSINESS & FACILITY TAGS: Used for recording production status to classify equipment or machine performance, from quality assurance to maintenance, repair, etc. It features a generic production print for a simple and clear marking!

CUSTOMIZABLE SECURITY TAG: Use these tags as status markers of production facilities! All establishments and safety personnel require a generic or personalized quality control tags to log daily, weekly, or monthly activity. These tags are not just printed with another generic template, they are completely customizable.

MADE OF QUALITY MATERIALS: 13pt heavy cardboard w/ brown fiber reinforced 1/4" hole to ensure maximum durability for the wire ties. Tags will help you update and display information about its maintenance and inspection activity.

SIZE & SPECS & COLORS: Production quality control tags measures 2 5/8" x 5 1/4". Top 2 corners are clipped neatly to avoid folded down corners. What makes these tags special is they do not just come in generic templates, they are completely customizable.

GUARANTEED TAGS 4 LESS: If you're looking for generic or custom-made quality control tags for less, grab our custom printed tags in the pack of 100, great for the monthly or annual inspections, for business or professional use!