Backflow Inspection Tag install service testing repair

100 tags per order of 1

Standard Size  2 5/8" x 5 1/4" with optional larger tag sizes

15pt Waterproof, Oil Proof, Tear Proof, Tough Plastic Vinyl material with punched hole.

A ballpoint pen can be used with this Vinyl plastic material under the right conditions, please note that a ball point pen will fade and isn’t outdoor rated, we suggest always using a Sharpie for durablilty.  Direct sunlight may fade colors.

This tag is also available in a Cardboard/tagboard material, an economical option for INDOOR use only.  These tags are produced with hole reinforcement.  

ARTWORK SET TO YOUR BUSINESS NEEDS. We will set the artwork to your current tag form or a new form at no extra charge. Once the order has been placed a starting proof will be sent to the email on the order.

Send all (logos, etc.) to include invoice number on email. Artwork will be emailed to the address provided on order by the next business morning.

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Price $107.84
2 or more $71.41 each
3 or more $52.51 each
4 or more $44.11 each
5 or more $39.91 each
6 or more $37.81 each
7 or more $33.61 each
8 or more $31.51 each
9 or more $29.41 each
10 or more $27.31 each
20 or more $18.91 each
30 or more $15.76 each
40 or more $13.66 each
50 or more $11.56 each
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