Vinyl Waterproof Plastic Tags Multiple Colors (15pt plastic) (100 per order)

Multi Color Vinyl
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100 per order of 1

Size 2" x 4"  or   3" x 6"  or  4" x 8"  or  6" x 10"

White, Red, Yellow, Orange, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Dark Green, Fluorescent Orange, Fluorescent Yellow, Fluorescent Green, Fluorescent Pink

15pt Waterproof, Oil Proof, Tear Proof, Tough Plastic Vinyl material.

A ballpoint pen can be used with this Vinyl plastic material under the right conditions, please note that a ball point pen will fade and isn’t outdoor rated, we suggest always using a Sharpie for durablilty.  Direct sunlight may fade colors.

1/4" inside diameter brass eyelet reinforcement - ideal for optional cable ties, loose or attached wires 

100 per order of 1

Also available for custom printing, email our team for a free quote at