Waterproof Quarterly Fire Sprinkler Inspection Tags

waterproof quarterly fire sprinkler inspection tags
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  • Item #: Sprinkler Waterproof

100 tags per order of 1

Size of 3 3/4" x 7 1/2"

15pt Waterproof, Oil Proof, Tear Proof, Tough Plastic Vinyl material with punched hole.

A ballpoint pen can be used with this Vinyl plastic material under the right conditions, please note that a ball point pen will fade and isn’t outdoor rated, we suggest always using a Sharpie for durablilty.  Direct sunlight may fade colors.

Punched hole

ARTWORK SET TO YOUR BUSINESS NEEDS. We will set the artwork to your current tag form or a new form at no extra charge.
Send all (logos, etc.) to logo@tags-4-less.com include invoice number on email. Artwork will be emailed to the address provided on order by the next business morning.
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Price $127.40
2 or more $81.10 each
3 or more $70.29 each
4 or more $59.48 each
5 or more $56.24 each
8 or more $50.83 each
10 or more $45.42 each
15 or more $43.26 each
20 or more $32.45 each
25 or more $30.28 each
30 or more $28.12 each
35 or more $27.04 each
40 or more $25.97 each
45 or more $24.87 each
50 or more $23.80 each

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