Custom Tyvek Tags

printed tyvek tags
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1000 tags per order of 1  

Custom printed Tyvek waterproff plastic tags - waterproof tearproof durable -  Tyvek Tag 

Choose a custom size

Tyvek tag Color

Brown fiber patch hole  reinforcement with 3/16" metal eyelet

Printing 1 or 2 sides black ink

Not what your looking for?  email us a at for a quote 

A ballpoint pen can be used with this material under the right conditions, please note that a ball point pen will fade and isn’t outdoor rated, we suggest always using a Sharpie for fade resistance

ARTWORK SET TO YOUR BUSINESS NEEDS or email us your artwork to

1000 tags per of 1 add to cart to see final pricing


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Price $320.48
2 or more $289.89 each
3 or more $282.43 each
4 or more $277.11 each
5 or more $271.78 each
7 or more $266.45 each
10 or more $263.25 each

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